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A glimpse into the life of Boom Boom

Follow along here as I write up some typical days in my life as a professional athlete and father of 3 kiddos.


Friday {1|11|13} - my standard base s-b-r day.

Early A.M.

  • Wake up no alarm at 6:55 am. I don't believe in alarms. I believe you sleep til you are rested in my job. I go to bed early.
  • Cup of coffee (only Coffees of Hawaii ever in this house) while checking email and finishing up my son's homework
  • Make kids lunches & pack them up for school
  • 2 pieces of toast with almond butter and jam
  • Juice carrots, apples and some ginger (about 16 oz) for a drink while driving to school and swim
  • Take son to school & head to swimming

Swim session

Friday swims for me are stretch out / recovery swims with a little pick me up stuff.

  • 400 warm up
  • 6x75- odds free build, even alternate free and IM
  • 2x (2x75, 2x125, 2 x225) free at steady state (90%) pace (base off 1:10 hundred pace)
  • 600 at simulated race pace (I tried to hold between 1:10 and 1:12)
  • 6x 125 on 1:35, followed by 25 on :35
  • 4 x 25 IM stroke followed by a 75 free
  • 16x 25 sprints
  • 6x 175 paddles
  • 300 stretch it out cool down with some back stroke

Late A.M. / Early P.M.

  • Home from swimming with a stop at the coffee shop to grab a non-fat latte and a almond crossiant
  • Watch some ESPN for a bit to relax (20 minutes or so). Large glass of water (I use an old 44 oz slurpee cup)
  • Pre ride meal: 3 poached eggs on 2 pieces of toast with 2 pieces of turkey. Add some sea salt to the eggs.

Ride Session:

To fuel, I mixed 2 bottles of cytomax, 1 scoop in small bottle, 2 in large bottle, 1/2 scoop of cytocarb in the large bottle. 1 bottle of water while watching a mix of ESPN, Showtime, and listening to music.

  • 20 min warm up.
  • 6x 1 min bigger gear with 30 second spin between
  • 10 min threshold into 2 min bigger gear into 2 min higher cadance
  • 3 min recovery spin
  • 8 min threshold directly into 2 min bigger gear into 2 min higher cadence
  • 3 min recovery spin
  • 6 min threshold directly into 2 min big gear into 2 min higher cadence
  • 3 min recovery spin
  • 4 min threshold directly into 2 min big gear into 2 min higher cadence
  • 10 minutes spin
  • 10 min of 40 sprint/20 spin recovery @ 500 watts on sprint.
  • 15 cool down

Bike session notes: Today's threshold for me started at 310 watts and each one I built up 5 watts. Big gear stuff is all about gear to power balance which I do about 360-370 watts, and high cadence is about cadence to power balance, mine is around 2900-300 concentrating on smooth pedal stroke.

Run off bike on tready:

To fuel, I did 1/2 packet of cyto drops.

  • 45 minutes @ 8.5 miles per hour at 2% grade

Core work/Strength work after:

  • Single leg squats, hammy curls with ball, sit ups, planks
  • All my work is done with mostly my own body weight and set up by my trainer, Jim

Post work snack:A smoothie with 2 scoops of vanilla muscle milk light, strawberries, blueberries, banana, rice milk and greek yogurt, little bit of ice. 24 ounces.

Late P.M.

  • Quick shower and off to Denver Nuggets Game. Wore compression under jeans. Ate a pear in car on way.
  • Ate dinner at the game - chicken with salad, diet pepsi, and a small handful of chocolates. I was lucky to be able to eat in the media room so had some good salads!
  • Home by 10 pm. Read two chapters with son of the book we are reading.
  • Still hungry so a grilled chicken breast (left over) before a glass of water.
  • Little Roll recovery on the legs while putting them up on the wall to elevate them.
  • Get my head around a hard 3 hour bike session in man room that I'll do tomorrow.

Matty on cover of Triathlon Plus

Boulder's Olympian Reed wins Boise in a first ever tie
at Ironman event

June 8, 2012 Boulder, Colorado
Boulder's Matty Reed took it all the way to the line yesterday to grab his first win of the 2012 season in a historic dead heat tie at Boise 70.3.

Reed exited the chilly waters in third spot, chose to wear his wetsuit in the shorten 15 mile bike. The typical 56 mile bike was shorten due to the cold air temp of 39 degrees, high winds and rain.

"I came off the bike probably warmer than the others but it was a bit restrictive with the wetsuit on (on the bike)," Reed said. "I knew I had to find my running legs quickly onto the run."

Reed exited the transition after the bike 1:58 down on New Zealander Callum Millward. Recording a blistering 1:10 run split the two were in a battle with 400 meters to go.

"I closed down his lead with about a half a mile to go. I have been in a quite a few sprint finishes in my career and this was a good one. We hit that line crazy fast."

After reviewing the video and images, the race director deemed it a tie. This is a first in the history of Ironman events to have a tie.

"It is always good to know you gave it everything when you hit the line."

Reed plans to race Boulder Peak 5150 triathlon in early July, an event he won in 2007 and 2008, as well as make his first appearance at Boulder's 70.3 in August.


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REED 3-peats in Minneapolis!

Matty Reed showed his biking form is back, taking the lead out of T2 and never looking back.
"I am thrilled to win again at Lifetime Minneapolis. This race is very special to me and I am happy to grab that tape."
Reed backed up his win with a 6th place the next day at 5150 Boulder Peak.

Reed Grabs 2nd at Philly Triathlon

Matty Reed showed he is back in form following a few weeks of the flu, as he grabbed 2nd at today's Race to the Toyota Cup stop at the Philadelphia Triathlon.
"I am glad to be healthy," Reed said. "I got in a nice block of training about a month ago and the day before leaving for Cap Tex (the previous Race to the Toyota Cup stop), I got the sore throat. I knew I was fit, but the sickness killed me for about 10 days, and happy to have kicked that bug. I am happy with today's race."